What to Expect When You Run a Marathon

Marathon refers to running for quite a long distance for hours without taking any rest. Running is one of the important things to judge your stamina and your inner strength. Till now, many benefits have been noted for doing a marathon. It improves your cardiovascular fitness criteria and muscular endurance. It keeps you and your internal body fit. Many things might or might not happen but are very likely to happen when you are running in a marathon, which are-

Running Nose:

According to various studies being presented worldwide, it is proved that most people who run a marathon face the issue of running a nose. Due to longer running for hours, you breathe heavily, and while inhaling and exhaling air from your nose, it releases mucous, and hence running nose is seen.  A Slight Shortage in Height:

While running a marathon for hours, along with the legs, the back is also targeted. And due to pressure on the back, there is a shortage of about half an inch seen in many marathon participants. But this is not a thing to worry about, this shortage in height is a temporary thing, and when you get back to your normal life and eat nutritious food, the original height is back. 

Possibility of Cramps:

This is one of the major complaints by the people running hard in the marathon. It is caused due to malfunction of muscular tension and spinal cord and mostly leads to facing cramps at any part of the body. Getting relieved from these cramps requires a little bit of support and stretching that area more than the limit so that everything inside comes in line and the cramps are discarded.

The Nauseous Feeling while Running:

You are running for hours nonstop, and you eat and drink what is passed to you, and if you eat something which should not be eaten at a high heart rate and when doing such a cardiovascular running job, then it might create nausea and dizziness. It would be easy to say many people can faint in the long run. 

Lose 4-5 kgs of Weight:

Due to hard running for quite a long time, all the food and vitamins and minerals are continuously used in the body to process and give you energy. Since everything will be eaten up by the body to give you strength, it causes weight loss. Also, this is mostly water weight loss.

Struggling with Stairs the Following Day :

This is obvious as you had quite a good workout on the marathon day, so there will be muscle soreness in your legs. It will be difficult to perform regular activities for some days after the marathon day.

Let’s talk about the Athens Marathon.

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