Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review- Why it’s better than a regular phone?

Well, Yes this phone has the crown. As it has all specs like a flagship phone. Samsung has equipped this Galaxy Z Flip 3 with Snapdragon 888 with 8 GB of RAM and we loved the performance during the review of the handset.

Furthermore, it has flagship cameras; a standard and an ultra-wide. The battery is also of the same size as last year. A nice design with great durability. Moreover, Impressively this Galaxy Z fold 3 has a 120 Hz fast refresh rate. Well, this turns everything into benefiting by being super smooth.

Whereas, you can always turn that down to 60 Hz. Furthermore, It also has the same fingerprint reader on the power button. So, in short, this is a really nice flip phone design in 2021. Earlier we had some rumors regarding iPhone flip but that’s not in sight now till 2023. Apple is always late to join the innovation. But Apple capitalizes on its solid iOS. Do read our comparison of iPhone vs Android to know everything.

Well, comparing it to Z Fold 3 would also downgrade Z Flip 3. Because it does not have S Pen support. It does not have a 30% stronger screen protector on the side folding glass. Furthermore, it also does not have an under-display selfie camera. However, it’s still better than many phones in 2021. Overall it is amongst the top-end best performance smartphones.

Cover display screen.

Firstly, we need to review the Always-On cover display of the Galaxy Z flip 3. This phone is designed with the larger and most functional cover display. Samsung has enlarged it from a tiny 1.1-inch cover display to 1.9 inches. Moreover, from the term always on I thought this phone will lack a longer battery life. However, it still has a pretty decent battery life which is great. The only better smartphone which has an outer display but is not flip or fold design is Mi 11 Ultra. Moreover, Xiaomi introduced some cool video modes to the outer display of the Mi 11 Ultra as well.


Galaxy S22 Ultra has been the camera king flagship smartphone so far. It has topped our ranking of best camera smartphones so far. So why not compare Galaxy Z Flip 3 with camera king during the review.

Keeping both cameras side by side I realized the picture quality is not the same. In S21 ultra we got more than 2 lense with great zoom ability. However, Galaxy Z flip 3 has 2 camera lenses, a 12 MP camera lens, and a 12 MP ultrawide lens.

Besides both handsets are capable of recording 4k videos at 60 fps which is also impressive. Well, taking into account all these things I think this is not a bad camera system. Even though it still doesn’t beat Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Earlier we also saw how S22 Ultra beat iPhone 13 Pro Max in the camera battle.

There is also a 10 Mp primary camera. However, it’s not under display like Galaxy Z fold 3. Moreover, Galaxy z flip 3 still has a better front camera than Galaxy Z fold 3.

a durable phone with water resistance

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is actually an aesthetic handset. The bezels are small and the handset is quite slim too. Whereas the flatter sides give it a modern look and it feels good in the hands.

Structurally I am glad that it feels tougher and more durable than its predecessors. Samsung has also layered it with gorilla glass victus. Moreover, the whole phone is now IPX8 rating water-resistant which is pretty amazing. This means you can dance the phone in water, shoot in the rain or a swimming pool, drop it in a puddle or spill something on it momentarily and it will be fine. However, ipx8 does not mean dust resistant. Unfortunately, dust can get into the hinges of a folding phone. So it’s not certified to block that dust-out Though it’s nice to see water resistance.

Price and Specs : Is Galaxy Z flip 3 worth buying?

Moving on to the price. Galaxy Z flip 3 is going to start at 999 dollars which is the lowest ever price of any of their folding smartphones.

Whereas, now the baseline version of it has 128 gigs of storage. While the previous Flip phones had higher prices but they all started at 256 GB.

So, they have made a lower-priced version by lowering the storage option only to get the lowest price ever prize. Well, I still think 999 dollars is pretty clutch because while it’s still expensive. It’s now in line with some other regular flagship smartphones. So. people are going to be considering it buying.

As it just happens to be the one that’s folding in half. But I need to tell you that; the inside screen of the folding display is still the same size and aspect ratio.

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