Top Tips for Making the Best Choice of Designer Glasses for You

What’s the first thing you notice when looking at someone? Often the answer to this question will be their eyes or, in many cases, what is in front of them – because glasses are now almost as much of a fashion statement as they are a medical necessity. Lots of people who do not require spectacles for vision correction choose to wear them without prescriptions as stylish accessories. A beautiful pair of frames can be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, and a wonderful expression of one’s personality.

However, with so many designer brands constantly releasing new styles, the choice can become overwhelming. Many spectacle wearers will appreciate that designer glasses are an investment, and therefore finding the best pair can be tricky. Below are some top tips to help make this decision a little easier.

Consider Your Lifestyle

It’s important that your glasses are suitable for your lifestyle and if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you might benefit from transition lenses. The additional protection from UV rays and the handy transition technology means you no longer need to choose between prescription specs and sunglasses.

You should also think about what you require your eyewear for. Are you a full-time spectacle wearer, or do you only need a prescription when reading? You will likely benefit from spending more time focusing on the comfort of your frames if you will be wearing them all day.

Another factor to consider is the material your specs are made of; designer glasses come in a wide variety of materials. Traditional frames are crafted from plastic and metal and these may be best suited to an active lifestyle as they tend to be lighter and fairly hard-wearing. Alternatively, creative types might be looking for a more bespoke, statement piece. In this case it could be worth looking at brands that offer custom frame options made using unusual materials like silver and gold plating or even wood. How Do They Feel?

Comfort is king! Ill-fitting spectacles can be painful and annoying, poorly positioned nose pads might leave the bridge of your nose very sore, and if the end pieces of your frames are too tight your ears will likely become irritated.

Bear in mind that glasses fit differently depending on the brand and it’s worth trying on different styles from multiple brands to ensure that you find the most comfortable pair. Once you have chosen your frames, it is advisable that you get them properly fitted by an optician. This will prevent them from rubbing or moving around as you go about your daily life.

Find a Shape That Suits Your Face

Glasses look best when they complement your face shape. However, it can be tricky to identify what shape your face is. Thankfully there are plenty of websites to help clear this up and by observing some key features you will be able to confirm if your face is round, oval, square, or otherwise. Once you know your face shape, you can consider what style of glasses would look best on you. Round faces often suit more angular frames and a square shape, for example, can work to balance the softer features on round faces. Contrastingly, those with square faces might look to try frames with curved edges. Circular or oval specs could be the perfect juxtaposition to your defined features.

Think About The Colour

Picking the colour of your new specs is often the most enjoyable element of glasses buying. Some might choose to use their skin tone as a guide for the colour of their eyewear. Those with cool skin tones might find they suit colours like blue, grey or black. Conversely, anyone with warmer skin tones might prefer hues of gold, red or brown.

Colour can also be a brilliant outward expression of one’s personality, so why not reflect that in your choice of specs? Perhaps you are a naturally bright and fun-loving person – in which case, colours like yellow could be perfect for you. If you are a relaxed or calm individual, you might be drawn to blue frames.

Whatever your personality type and frame preference, the right pair of designer glasses is waiting for you. The best way to choose your perfect pair of specs is to try them on in person, so find a reputable optician, book an appointment and ask for advice from their experienced staff.

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